Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing Myself

I am 11 and I have been cubing for a while now. I may still be young but I am Striving hard to make it in the championships. What I will be trying to do is blog all my personal records and encounters on the road to the Championships! I am excited to get started, and I will start like this. My cube is a 3x3 Type F (II). For those who don't know it's a upgraded version of a normal Rubik's Cube. There are all sorts of types but I picked the type F (II) since it matched my style. But now my current record is 30.79 seconds. I am learning Intermediate Fridich method. Also for those who don't know it's an faster way of solving the cube, but that means more algorithms. I practice almost daily hoping for a new personal record.

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